Welcome to my blog!  Here I discuss how I get my photos, the process, the surprises, the challenges, and what inspires me.  I will also focus on how I get my water drop photos, and what I learn along the way.  

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I've moved! New blog.

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Just a quick note, that I am transitioning my blog to WordPress!  Read my future blogs here:


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Up, UP and AWAY!

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Now that summer is almost over, I was reminiscing on this summer's Festival of Balloons.  It's one of my favorite events, even if I have to get up at o'dark thirty.  I always add event that to the online calendar as a get together for my photography group.  We meet up in the field at 5am, hugging our cups of coffee, watching the balloons getting taken out of the vans and laid out carefully on the field.  As soon as the first balloon goes up, it's a mad dash from one to another, watching them float gently up into the sky, with the morning sun coming up over the hill.  By 7pm, all the balloons are up in the air, with the lucky riders waving down at the crowds.

My photo group then heads off to breakfast, for more coffee, lively conversation and of course, pancakes!  My life would be incomplete without pancakes or waffles.  Especially with real butter and real maple syrup, mmmm... but I digress. 

I've had a wonderful summer.  It's my favorite season of the year and the weather is spectacular for getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.

Live, at Live Wire Radio

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If you've never been to a live, Live Wire podcast, I highly recommend it.  The show is hosted by Luke Burbank (Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Too Beautiful to Live), and taped in front of a live audience in Portland and is aired on public radio stations around the country.  He cracks me up.   I also got to hang out in the green room with the artists and musicians, nibbling on tidbits and chatting with them. 

I want to give a shout out to Jennie Baker, photographer extraordinaire, who I assisted that night, at LiveWire.  I'll be posting a new blog coming up soon, from another LiveWire show last week, featuring Melissa Ethridge. 

On stage for this show, started out with Jason Padgett, a man that suffered a traumatic brain injury after a very bad mugging, and is the first case of acquired savant syndrome.  He was fascinating to listen to.  He has a book out called "Struck by Genius:  How a Brain Injury Made me a Mathematical Marvel."  What he talks about almost makes my head explode.

Also guests Joel Warner and Peter McGraw, authors of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny, comedians Nathan Fielder (creator  of Dumb Starbucks) and Andy Haynes (you may have seen him on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Conan).  Christine McKinley, a mechanical engineer, musician, and author of the book "Physics for Rock Stars."  Plus the musical trio from Portland, Oregon, Swan Sovereign, and the band Holiday Friends, from Astoria, Oregon.

I can't wait for future performances!

Kaylee Rob, musician Backstage, in the green roomThe talent retreats back here, between sets, to rest and socialize

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BBQ Showdown on the River

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Of all the BBQ competitions I participate in, this has to be one of the funnest events.  It's on private property set right on the river, under the shade of tall Western Red Cedars, in a "wild west town."  I've been privileged to have been there from the beginning competition 5 years ago, to this one--the newly titled "Pacific Seafood's BBQ Showdown at Juarez Canyon."  The weekend went by in a blur--starting with the sponsor night dinner, and live band.  The next morning, the BBQ teams start rolling in with their big smokers, and setting up camp.  We're there to greet them, with a hearty breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy, and I made blueberry pancakes and banana macadamia nut pancakes with spiced whip cream.  I didn't make crepes this year, but I will next year.

Then it's three side category competitions that day--salmon, dessert and ground pork categories.  What's great is that most teams have leftover dessert, after they turn in their competition box to the judging table, so the extra is served at the buffet table for everyone to enjoy (the lemon/white chocolate cheesecake, and the double banana cream pie were big hits).  Then comes more music and dancing that night, along with drinking wine and beer, and even a conga line!

The next day its down to serious business.  The meat competitions, rated by the PNWBA judges.  Pork, chicken, ribs... At the top of the hour, the teams turn in a competition box of meat to be judged--but you better beat the clock!  If you're late, you miss that turn in.  You can find photos of the award winners, here:  http://www.beachdreamphotography.com/p94885438   At the top of the hour, multiple pans of competition meats go out on the buffet table for the public to enjoy and try, along with fruit salad, beans and coleslaw.  Once again, tickets for the event sold out in advance, with over 500 tickets sold or given away.

I was busy heading up the salsa and chili competition that day, then we opened it up for the public to enjoy. We even gave away an iPad Aire at the raffle table. 

Congratulations, also, to the Grand Champions--Bad Bones BBQ and Reserve Grand Champion--Lakehouse BBQ! Me announcing the winners of the Salsa and Chili competition   As they say in BBQ, "Keep calm and grill on" and "No one has friends over to microwave!"

Grand Champion--Bad Bones BBQ Reserve Grand Champion--Lakehouse BBQ Part of the Western Town

Drazzle (Rain and drizzle) at Canon Beach, Spring Art event

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The sun did peek out for a bit I spent last weekend in Canon Beach, for the town's "Spring Art Unveiling" event, a very popular weekend where many of the galleries and stores are open late--showing new art work, serving wine and hors d'oeuvres and having artist demonstrations.  Some galleries actually cover the new artwork, and "unveil" it over the weekend. 

I was at Dragonfire gallery where my work is, each day for a few hours. I had many interesting conversations with people there to experience the event, plus some that didn't know it was happening and were pleasantly surprised.  My new piece was in the Zen Garden, with other artists.  The theme for the show was "Garden."

When I wasn't at the gallery, I was hanging out at this amazing rental house we found, ten of us ladies having fun, taking photos, playing the board game Apples to Apples, drinking wine and watching the Blazer game. 

Even though it was mostly a misty, drizzly weekend, we had a really nice treat in town, which is the hot chocolate at the Chocolate Cafe.  They sell chocolates there from all over the world, beautifull handmade chocolates, plus Mayan hot chocolate, which has a spicy kick to it, with a dollop of real cream on top.  But wow, those last few sips are really powerful!  Made my eyes water, they were a tad spicy!  I also like running next door to pick up some seafood and chowder at Ecola Seafoods.  Canon Beach has a lot to offer.  We went to Haystack rock on the beach, where the puffins were said to be, but bigger birds were keeping them away.  We also stopped at Icefire Glassworks.   If you love beautiful glassware, check it out.  They have amazing, unique pieces there that have incredible depth and color. 

All in all, a relaxing, low key trip.  I'll be back at the end of June for another festival there. These are taken with my iPad, and are a little blurry. Of all the things for a photographer to leave at the house--my camera!

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